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A comprehensive Range of Certified Smoke Fans and EX Fans available.

Not a contradiction in terms for the prio
Air circular duct fan.

Established 1990 providing a comprehensive range of quality products to the air conditioning and ventilation industries in the Eastern Cape. We are constantly increasing our extensive range of products and our Clients are always offered the very latest and proven designs with the emphasis on energy efficient products and systems.

Sole Distributors in the Eastern Cape for

Now available ex-stock Rooftop Package Units from 26 - 105 kW


Many different drive types are categorised under this generic term today, such as PM (permanent magnet motors), ECM (electronically commutated motors) and BLDC (brushless DC motors). ebm-papst was one of the first manufacturers to recognise the economic as well as environmental advantages of EC technology and significantly advanced its development. As early as 1965, they were on the market with the world’s first EC/DC compact fan – 30 years before any other manufacturer.